Meet Trinity, a great friend and beautiful Belgian Tervuren

Trinity has a beautiful face with an attentive, intelligent, happy expression

Trinity was born on June 28, 2006 to proud parents Nicole and Ego at the home of Jeff and Kaye Bouffard, owners of Mon Plaisir Tervuren and many happy Belgian Tervuren. When she was old enough, she came to live with me, Melanie Weisberg, and we have made each other very happy. This August, she was bred to Lancelot, a handsome lad from the Bouffards' kennel, and we are currently expecting seven bundles of joy on or around October 4th!

Trinity has beautiful conformation and a joyful and devoted temperament, and her health is excellent: hips OFA Good, eyes clear, teeth strong and well-formed. She is an excellent example of a Belgian Tervuren and will improve both the breed and the entire dog species.

We have people waiting for several of the pups already, but we are still actively seeking good people who are looking for a Terv puppy, especially girl puppies.

Is a Tervuren right for you?

  • Tervs are sheepdogs, meaning they are highly intelligent and want to work closely with their person every day.
  • Tervs have tons of energy and require vigorous exercise. They are a perfect hiking partner and love a good game of fetch.
  • They are affectionate and devoted dogs who love petting and attention.
  • Trinity surveys the sea at Stage Fort Park
  • They are protective without being territorial, and make discerning and alert watchdogs.
  • Their sense of humor and capacity for joy makes them an excellent playmate.

Interested in learning more? Check back often as we continue to expand this website. I will be adding many more pictures, as well as extensive information about Tervs, plus a great deal of assistance in deciding what kind of dog is best for you. I happen to think Tervs are the best dogs ever, but I also know that they are not for everyone, and I want to make sure that you are sure that a Terv is the dog for you.